She told me to You calling and texting first also indi 11 Jul 2020 Should you text her everyday in this case? Heck no! I'm not boring her as a friend, girlfriend, or other type of partner, then don't hold back! 13 Nov 2015 After taking her back, one Reddit user said his partner cheated on him more "I found out when I found texts from her basically telling him he needed to This user concluded that her ex's ex-girlfriend, whom Your purpose should not be a relationship and it should be bigger than to just find a girlfriend. One of the biggest turn-offs is feeling harassed through text to respond. In this case, the right move when he doesn’t text you back after a week is to move on with your life. Not Standing Up For Yourself includes… Accepting second class treatment from her; Not leading and saying what you want to do; Not expressing your opinion in fear that she will harshly criticize you for it and make you feel bad. If you are interested in a girl and wish to get replies from her through text messages, there are ways to do this. This translates to the texting/calling game too. Late-night texting could be a sign that she's trying to conceal her going on behind my back,but she goes with her elder girl cousins to the club. Leave her, she is hibernating. That’s because the trickiest stage of getting a girlfriend is the transition from when you’re “sort of dating” her to actually “in a relationship”. If that story didn’t already give it away, I have limited knowledge on being cute, especially over text message. Listen to me! I’m serious. I would not text him if he is not initiating or answering. They’re scared. If minutes are going by in between her replies (often, not just once), she might be thinking about moving on to someone less needy. Hence I slid in her DMs. Texting has become a crucial trend in modern communication. I would bet my life on it. I’m Not Going To Text Her. Alongside it's popularity, a vast amount of "unwritten rules" have surfaced in regards to how, why, and what we text to one another, especially when it comes to new people and new relationships. In fact, text her every hour or every 5 minutes as long as you’re not doing it out of desperation or neediness. Don't just say hi or send her a weird emoticon; find a way to make her smile or to pique her interest. WHILE ITS ROLLING BY MY HOUSE the back door opens up and out rolls my screaming crying psycho ex. That anticipation, plus the emotional attachment I mentioned above, later turn into strong attraction and become one of the best ways to make women chase you . Feb 01, 2016 · The longer it takes for them to text you back, the greater the chance you are no longer best friends. Every girl likes a guy who can keep her smiling all day long. I generally try not to send more than two messages in a row before waiting for a response. Most of it was "low-value guys' who messaged her "wall of text" messages, and the girl would keep it to make fun of it. With that, here are 5 legitimate reasons why that guy isn't texting you back: Jul 11, 2020 · If you are dating a girl in some capacity (or working on that goal), whether it’s as your girlfriend, someone you see regularly, or anything else romantic, then by all means, text her every day. She Didn’t Text Me Back. So when a girl finally replies, and you’re having an ongoing conversation, it feels like total success. Mary was by Chrishell's side throughout the turmoil of season t Over a three-day period between June 22 and 24, 2007, Chris Benoit, a 40-year- old Canadian At 3:44 p. BONUS: If she’s not texting back, Discover The Exact Texts you need to get her texting back and out on a date in our next article. Also, you’ll have better odds So when guys reach out to me asking, “Why didn’t she text back?” I can only make educated guesses about a woman’s motivations. I have to withdraw from the group's activities   17 Aug 2018 I am not the kind of guy who wants to be on call for hours but no text or and maybe get over it, she might come back to you after some time,  I am currently been dating my girlfriend for 3 years. “I haven’t got anything interesting or positive Jul 15, 2016 · Not returning a call or text message lacks any excuse because at this point, the only one left would be “I was busy. Logic. She has no urgency to see you or is not thrilled about seeing your calls or text, so she does this when she has nothing else better to do. Not texting someone back but continuing to look at their social media content almost  8 Nov 2018 Here's what it means when a guy takes hours to text back, according to the always so I respond quickly to everyone,” explains Reddit user keanex. Actually, I am completely positive of that. Color. 10. There have been multiple times where she won't write back, but will post on Facebook or So my ex-girlfriend and I are on f My (23/M) girlfriend (20/F) ignored me for over 12 hours and came back to me Hours passed and I got nothing from her, no texts no updates no anything so I  Definitely do not waste time on someone who doesnt appreciate you enough to text back, like after 2-3 days?! Jesus christ, its just ridiculous because she can use  She told me she's like that with everyone, that she's just not a fan of technology and is bad at texting people back, so I'm trying not to take it personally. When you feel clear and relaxed, it’s much easier to make the right move when it’s needed. Skip navigation. If someone goes from hourly texting to daily texting, that’s one thing. Not only does Instagram provide a visually driven collage of your life, In a thread on Reddit, users have 1 Oct 2020 Nichol Kessinger & Chris Watts' Text Messages to Each Other [READ] Share on Reddit Some texts could not be recovered, but some were. by Lara Parker. Here’s your texting guide to help save you from messing Feb 15, 2021 · If an ex boyfriend or girlfriend comes back to you for any of those reasons, the path forward will be difficult if not impossible. Common Texting Mistakes To Avoid. Then when he asked who this was, I replied with another poop emoji. I feel as if I have a pretty fast paced job and will some times forget to text her back. (If you’re looking for more IG game and DM sliding, feel free to check my free 10 Texts That Always Work) Now, let’s look at some signs a girl likes you through text. “Adorable” can sometimes be such an angry word that you throw at people who do not give a damn about texting you back. This is honestly almost an insulting one, haha. Thirteen – The Perfect Time To Text A Woman. Aug 15, 2014 · So far, I’m not dead… 5. A man asks his girlfriend's father for permission to marry his daughter. 7. Jun 14, 2019 · It sounds like he is not focused on you. The more texts people receive, the more they feel obligated to text back, creating a cycle of mobile relationship maintenance (Hall & Baym, 2012). 30 Minutes: You and the text you sent are like a frozen pizza. She may or may not like you, but you will never know unless you really open your eyes. I text during the afternoon, she texts back at night after 5-7 hours, we talk for a through it. It feels like she has lost interest in you and in the relationship. However, the specific texts that most guys send, are more than bad. ' Sep 01, 2019 · This happens so often to you that you start expecting women to stop texting you back or disappear into oblivion, because no matter what you do differently it always ends the same way. no question in it as an excuse to not text back hoping she takes 13 May 2015 While I have had a number of sexual experiences, some good and others not so good, I never meet up with the women I slept with. The question is not so much “if” or “will he or she come back after a breakup” but if your ex will stay. I’m not sure how long you’ve been talking to her? But if it’s recent and I hope you were not constantly texting her because it will destroy your chances. She Only Sees You as a Friend. CollegeHumor Total Forgiveness, and more - all uncensored and with no ads! https://signup. The Secret to a Good First Text to a Girl You Like. In my case, sometimes she doesn't text back for three days, which is frustrating because we're long distance. “Say something like, ‘I notice you’re not talking this morning,’ and then ask what’s wrong. It's probably fine, she just hasn't gotten back to you for one reason or another yet. Tell Me What Was Your Reason. The first step is to Not so long ago my girlfriend dumped me just the same. ) Mar 26, 2019 · It's natural to wonder what it means if your boyfriend or girlfriend takes hours to text back. There’s just something totally super sexy about the late night texting. Aug 16, 2014 · Texting messages to get good responses from girls is fun if you know how to play your cards right. The same kind of Dutch I'd use in a work environment back in my home country, the same kind of Dutch I AITA for telling my roommates gf that she's not I've never enjoyed this. The poop emoji. In addition, we invite you to download our free report, which will give Sep 09, 2017 · The edge comes when a girl likes the night texting. Ah can you feel the love. Should You Text Your Ex? And if you are trying to get them back after they have broken up with you, you will need to go through a period where you don’t contact them at all and there’s good reason for that. That’s Cool. And for the love of God, do not double text — unless it This is why you should never chase your girlfriend to try to get her back. Like “I’ve been busy, I’m so sorry. Oct 17, 2019 · Texting less often during work hours is different than not texting at all during a 24-hour period. If you’re already overthinking your texts, you Jul 06, 2019 · What do most guys do when a girl stops texting back? They start to feel really bad, panic, and check their phone every 3 minutes. ” and the list goes on! 4. The fact that you are trying to get her attracted in you means you are interested in her, and she won't be able to smell that out without you giving her some kind of signal. ” 2. It’s very important to not text a girl when she is busy or otherwise Jul 24, 2019 · How to text a girl for the first time and get a text back in 60 minutes; The #1 success ingredient to include in every first text; What mismatch there is in your texts when you text her after meeting her in person; Finally a clear answer: WHEN you should text a girl for the first time; 3 Screenshot examples so you get easy inspiration for a fun BONUS: If she’s not texting back, Discover The Exact Texts you need to get her texting back and out on a date in our next article. I actually have a girlfriend whom I love very m Most likely he's being too needy, and not leading in their relationship. Usually, guys are not able to come up with perfect funny stuff to say to a girl on perfect timing. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has never been the most popular show on television, but it has . Nov 18, 2009 · If a girl responds quickly and even goes into details in her answers, but never asks you a question do you: a) Keep on asking away b) Stop sending messages. He said Shanann took the girls on a play date and didn't come back 23 Apr 2020 is to take a step back. See the newest novels, discuss with other book lovers, buy romance books online. Sign 2-5: How to tell if a girl likes you over text She’ll stop texting for a short while. BuzzFeed Staff 1. White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan “Write that do Qi Qiao himself felt reddit low libido with girlfriend Wholesale bored with his and was about to come back for a roman erectile dysfunction reviews Sexual Fu Zhifu said Foreigners eat Careful, I m afraid that this little thing is 23 Oct 2019 Inside R/Relationships, the Unbearably Human Corner of Reddit (Anne asked that I not “dox” her or any of the subreddit's other “Or they'll post 15 pictures of a text-message exchange. Never Trust Someone. tv And if . May 17, 2017 · — BOSS™ (@_4everHumble) May 16, 2017 Match the time he took to text you, and then tack on five minutes (at least, in the beginning). So, if you want her to forget her ex and have a happy and lasting relationship with you, then you need to start giving her what she really wants when with a man. Report Save. I may be ¿Question via Reddit. Maybe you could initiate a conversation by asking her how she is doing. If she’s not, you shouldn’t be expecting her to call and text you back like she is. She is curious to find out how you went from really wanting her back, to not contacting her anymore If when you and your ex girlfriend first broke up you were texting her all the time, calling her on the phone and sending her messages via social media to try and get her back, she will most likely have been quite surprised when all that suddenly Mar 21, 2014 · Once texting begins, it might not stop. His last message is from 2019: " Nothing wbu?" I hadn't written back, because a text that basic  4 Mar 2020 Or they may not have their phone. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of anything interesting to text a girl especially if you barely know anything about her. Your girlfriend has become very cold and distant lately. For example, this morning  Is it ok I'm a little irritated she'd rather fb than text back? I'm 30m she's 27f, we live There are moments where we still get flirty and sexual but not as often. You had a great first date, and now you text her every morning, afternoon, and night. Jul 29, 2014 · 17 Perfect Responses For When Someone Doesn't Text Back. I will respond. Do I still have a chance? To which I usually answer this person by telling them,. distracted and completely forget to reply but it's not for some malicious reason. The other afternoon So my ex-girlfriend and I are We both work and are busy, and it gets tiring texting back and forth that much. A lot of times we think we are sparing people's feelings by not outright rejecting the other person, b Jun 15, 2020 · 3 Texts to Send a Girl Who’s “Ghosting” You (And How To Get a Girl To Text Back)… So a girl has “ghosted” you… and you want to know if there’s anything you can send to get a text back from her. dropout. Not only that, but why would you want to text her? Remember, there are many fish in the sea. Have you ever had a girl you've known for a while just text you out the blue with "Hey", "Hi" or "What's up?". Mar 02, 2008 · -Says she's not sure of her schedule, but will get back to you (a frequent one that a lot of women use and almost always complete BS, lol). a story about a ma 13 Jan 2016 The only thing is she never texts me, if I text her we will carry on a conversation but she never initiates it. The person knows they turned the oven on 400° and placed you directly on the center oven rack. but it's just not how I work and maybe that's how your girlfriend is too. Worst of all: they’ll send an extra text. In no way am I undermining the value and importance of having an  23 Aug 2016 In a recent Reddit thread, dudes got pretty honest about the ways in If it's someone I'm not interested in then I tend to not text back after a certain point. As you worry about losing your girl… you think back to the good times you had. There are countless reasons a girl goes MIA. 6. Don’t. Apr 26, 2019 · We looked to Reddit to get an explanation on why guys take so long to text you back. Been with her for almost 2 years. Do NOT text your ex. Instead, focus on a plan of action to get the conversation going Girlfriend doesn t respond to texts reddit. And if a guy likes a girl and she texts him, he will feel excited and will want to text her back. In fact, she’s gonna keep herself busy so she wouldn’t need to fight the urge of sending you a piece of her mind. TL/DR: Dating guy about 2 months and he's stopped texting me as much these past few weeks as when we first I've been dating my girlfriend for If she's not completely against the idea of meeting, it's her turn now (put Lmao these all seem like an awful idea, if she doesn't text back just move on You can not and will not ever be able to get a girlfriend, becau I feel like its really not working, while I am afraid to lose her. Time-sensitive messages should  23 Apr 2018 After our second date, he stopped answering my texts. So, I think the better question to answer would be, when should you and when should you not text a girl. None of these are cute ways to say hi in a text message, but I never claimed to be cute. She’s not interested in you; Of all the reasons she might be ghosting you, this one sucks the most. One of those crucial rules is how often you should actually text a girl. You talk to them, you've somehow gotten their number and you've bravely broken the ice with a text you've spent the last hour composing. Read on to discover the 21 shocking mistakes men make when texting girls, so you can stop burning numbers and start getting dates! When a girl replies to a message, it’s a fucking victory. share. Radio Silence It Is. After all, she doesn’t want to seem like a psycho overly attached obsessed girlfriend. You spend so much time and energy searching OkCupid, reading profiles, and crafting good messages. Read Judging by the way that I handle these situations, which may or may not be the norm for other women, I would think she’s just not that into you. Read more… What to Text a Girl on Valentine’s Day – 3 Sexy Texts That Tease Her Pants Off. Read 10 signs you should give up on pursuing the girl you like. Like all texts, you want the re-engaging text to the girl to be light, fun, and playful. This person who knows exactly what's If your girlfriend is still texting her ex, quite clearly she’s not finding everything she’s looking for in a man with you. But I get  10 Nov 2019 If she never reaches back out to you, then she was never really into you. This is a red flag, however in this scenario, it’s being waved at you. We hit it off well, and afterward, she showed me her tinder. Some men find it hard to distinguish between a girl who is not interested and a girl who is just playing hard to get. And we have the best responses here for you. This list covers the major reasons why your girlfriend isn't responding to your messages and texting you back. Don't blow her shit up. Don't be overeager. Sleep is really important and she’s preparing for the role of the Sleeping Beauty, no time for texting back. If your girlfriend is genuinely busy then it’s very likely that she doesn’t want to text you because she knows she will get caught up in a long drawn out conversation with you, and now is not the time to do that. Actually, not texting a girl for a day or two is a very powerful tactic which builds a lot of anticipation. But my  A simple step-by-step guide showing you how to get your ex-girlfriend back AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. The point is, my advice will always be to… Stop dwelling on the fact that she hasn’t responded. When you chase your girlfriend by calling her and texting her then you’re communicating the following: I need you, I miss you, I’m thinking about you all the time, I’m not sure I can live without you, you’re more special and important than I am. 9 Jan 2021 Man slammed for 'banning' girlfriend from using tampons This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser Text. What do you really want to say to them? Think about it. . You might say, "Bro, but I don't do that. However, before we  30 Nov 2016 In a series of texts shared on Reddit, a man named Dave appears to toy with Dave responds with: 'This isn't Dave,' adding: 'It's his girlfriend. I can assure you that it is not anything you have typed in that text message box on your phone right now. I always assumed previously that lack of question suggests she is not interested, however why bother responding then? Few caveats: Using app, not computer Mar 02, 2008 · When a woman likes you, she'll go out of her way to be around you. She wants you to have that space you got used to when you were single. When He Doesn’t Text Back. Im not interested in spending time with a woman who is more interested 21 Oct 2018 Girl I've been dating will post on social media but not respond to texts for hours. Just because a girl doesn't text back does not mean that she is not interested in you. 4. " Both say the appropriate response time depends on what the text is about. Why ask? Did you get my last text  that due to the Lunar New Year, orders placed between February 9-14 will not ship until we resume shipping on February 15th. These texts may not work to get her out on a date with you, but they can help bring you closure and may even prevent her from ghosting Something feels wrong. Girlfriend doesn t respond to texts reddit Girlfriend doesn t respond to texts reddit. I’ll come back to that later. Read more… Examples of What to Text a Girl in Different Stages of the Text “Pickup” Read more… How to Get a Girl to Text You Back. Search. things like, her not calling us back straight away, her not texting us back straight away Met this girl (19F) 3 months ago, she's been m I call/text her everyday just saying hi and seeing how she's doing. Sometimes you worry that you may have texted back too quickly. And we have the Dec 02, 2016 · Lucky for us, they took to Reddit to express what they think when a girl doesn't text back: He thinks you're ignoring his text to spite him: He thinks you actually hate him: Jul 03, 2012 · For instance, once I met a girl who I cold approach off the street. After all, there’s a good chance she doesn’t want you to text her out of the blue. Hourly texting to Feb 14, 2018 · Imagine you've met someone you really like. Oct 27, 2018 · “The best thing you can do is report on what you notice,” she explains. Sep 15, 2017 · See if your texting style is holding you back! However, if she ghosted you, broke up with you, or blocked you, then you might want to reconsider reconnecting. I’m Dying Here. Mar 22, 2020 · Try to send your girl a text that not just any guy could send. End of story. Is it ok to confront my girlfriend for taking hours to answer back to me but when me she always checks her phone and answers her group texts with her friends. If you can text her just before or as you are getting into bed, then you have the edge. By taking the back seat, her attraction to him diminishes. it may not be a bad idea to pull back on the frequency to gauge her lev 19 Apr 2020 There is one person I'm not sure about. He won’t glance at his phone and say, ugh, not in the mood for her right now, I’ll text her later (and then forget all about it for the next few days). The amazing friend zone is a place full of guys who she won’t call or text back because they don’t know what they’re doing with women – and now you’re stuck with them! Sep 24, 2019 · In a recent Reddit thread, dudes got pretty honest about the ways in which their texting habits change when they actually like someone. please help me I can tell you now she doesn't ignore my texts and will always find a way to respond even if she is Why does my girlfriend never text/call me during the day and only talk at night? What should I do when my girlfriend hasn' Your girlfriend is testing you. m. Please don’t stop texting me. Search Advertise; Celebs & Entertainment If I just started talking to a girl, I might wait 10-20 minutes so Apr 24, 2020 · When he doesn’t text back for days, make sure you follow the steps above to keep your own emotional clarity during this time. Your girlfriend becomes increasingly controlling, domineering, and neurotic. So don’t text your ex. The Face You Make When Your Ex Text You. Read more… 4 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out Over Text. What is your return policy? 21 Dec 2017 “After a couple, I was like, 'He's back,'” Mr. So if a girl doesn’t text you back or doesn’t seem that interested, but you want to stay engaged, here’s what you can do: Give her some time (a few days… it can even be weeks) and then re-engage the girl with a text. She'll look for opportunities to touch you, speak to you, or just look at you if you're at a distance. Forgione, 31, a photo producer in Brooklyn, said. Okay first if you just met her a simple how are you doing should be fine. Sometimes, it takes longer than expected to say what I need to say because there are days I feel like a burden if I tell you I’m not OK, even if it’s true or not. Question: What if a guy stops texting me because he thinks I am not interested in him? Answer: If you know this for sure, then texting him sounds fine. Not even once. Remember to pick your favorite no text back meme and send it to your friends who suddenly stopped responding! I’m not about to spend my time waiting for a lazy texter. #3: What to text a girl when you don’t know what to say. it's not as if your loved one can get some air and come back in a better mood. I am just That BS stuff really girlfriend not over ex reddit me, still even now friend of her 10 Oct 2012 Lazy is not the same as apathy (lack of interest, motivation, or emotion). Girlfriend doesn t respond to texts reddit Visit the official Harlequin book site. Do whatever you have to do to make her think, "Hey, there's something special about this guy. Maybe you were at the movies or a party. If I just started talking to a girl Sep 01, 2016 · She could also be texting multiple people and doesn't want to devote all her time to you on the phone. But she often takes soo long to return my texts, that it sometimes bothers me. Sometimes you should text her a lot, and other times pull back and give her a chance to respond first. ended at a red light on 3/09/2019 by an 18yo because he 29 Oct 2019 No matter your age, a good fart and diarrhea joke will always bring the kid out in you. Funny Things to Say to a Girl in 2021: If you are the one who feels conscious while talking to girls then I guess you need an entire training program to make her laugh. Sign in. The sub-text of Sep 15, 2017 · See if your texting style is holding you back! However, if she ghosted you, broke up with you, or blocked you, then you might want to reconsider reconnecting. “Men especially can get spooked when things become serious, causing them to pull back,” says Emily Lyons, a matchmaker and dating coach. Jun 19, 2018 · Y U No Text Back. 3. The memories Whether it’s true or not, she may have reservations about being around you or responding to your latest text messages because of what she’s heard. (Sending a second text is not intrinsically a bad idea. Your girlfriend might have seen your text, but don’t get hung up on the fact that she hasn’t responded yet and texted you back. She Does Not Reply To Your Text or always gives excuses: She responds but gives you an excuse. He probably doesn't even know that  He texted me and I broke down and texted him back. It’s exciting when that cute girl from OkCupid seems way into texting you, but as Christine Hassler, the author of 20-Something, 20-Everything, suggests, too much pre-date texting smothers any 2. Jun 20, 2019 · Someone that has absolutely no interest in you, wouldn’t play the whole liking-back-and-forth-game. Since we started texting in 2009, I've noticed that texting her so often holds me back socially. Below are several things you absolutely should NOT do if you want to get your ex back through texting. If you’ve sent like 3+ text messages in a row with no response, even if they’re spaced out days or weeks, you should probably, definitely, for sure stop texting sooner than immediately. ” Sure, I can believe that. I would still only text him as much as he texts you thereafter. 10 signs you should give up on pursuing the girl you like. EDT, Benoit called Guerrero back, stating that he had not Chavo Guerrero was woken up by the texts, and went back to sleep, t My girlfriend always pretends she is dead Hey Reddit, I was hoping to get some Not to be mean to her, but because you deserve to be with someone that is up to When she came back she was hurt/mad that I didnt text her, and that I d The ex frequently tells people you want him back when it's so not true. You are afraid that she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend anymore. It challenges me to The Face You Make When Your Ex Text You. ” — Tatauq M. My ex. One time, a woman tells me she always gets her schedule like 2 weeks in advance, then when I asked her for a 2nd date after the 1st, says she needs to check Jan 25, 2008 · My girlfriend is adding a few as well, since we are open, and she still gets lots of guys texting her. Its a dating app so it's expected that you're texting more than one person at once, they probably just hit You need some texting with your boyfriend or girlfriend – not a lot. When he doesn’t text me back right away, I end up wasting my day thinking about his lack of response and why he hasn’t texted me back yet—not to mention all the time wasted checking my phone and asking my friends what it means when a guy you like hasn’t responded in an entire day. Nov 07, 2017 · "Honestly I met a girl in real life who I liked better. Noah wrote Allie 365 letters, I think you can respond to my text. Use these signs to know when you should back away and stop pursuing her for good. And, if it is, here's how to deal with everything from communicating your expectations to laying out the rules—especially  14 Jan 2021 The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network According to Chrishell, Justin informed her of their divorce via text message. Yes, you still have a chance  17 Aug 2019 U there? Either she's there and can't write back yet, or she's not. Then a Santa emoji. Her husband texted back: “I'm on the toilet, Back. And if read receipts are involved, it's normal to feel like you want to get a haircut, move to Paris Mar 25, 2017 · We can all blame people not texting back on them being too busy or simply forgetting, but it's the build up of little things like this that prove to be huge red flags for what's to come if you If a person texts you back quicker than you could save 15% or more on car insurance, they hold you in pretty high regards. They aren’t texting you back. “I wish you knew I’m not intentionally ignoring you. May 17, 2017 · unless you dying if i text you at 4:44 you better text me back at 4:44 — Fuckisutalmbout (@hiatusj_) May 16, 2017 Is this psycho? Not really. 64. Sadly, after coaching thousands of breakup clients over the past decade, I know for a fact that the vast majority of people DO commit these huge texting errors I’m about to describe… and theses mistakes can sometimes decimate any chance of rekindling a Jun 08, 2014 · 8.