Health conditions involving the brain or nervous system have become a more widespread problem nowadays. And one of the most common of which is epilepsy, a chronic type of brain disease that is non-transmittable, unlike how cough and colds operate. In fact, the World Health Organization noted that a whopping 50 million people all over the world suffer from either the mild or severe form of epilepsy, with five million being diagnosed every single year (WHO, 2019).

This ever-increasing number prompted a more serious search for a powerful drug to help treat this disease, and surprisingly enough, they found the answer in Cannabis. So let us find out just what epilepsy looks like and how a Cannabis-based treatment can help cure it.

What are the causes and symptoms of epilepsy?

Epilepsy is not very uncommon in this century, unlike before, and you’ve probably heard and read, seen it on television, or even know someone who suffers from it. Typically, an epileptic person often goes through seizures that recur over and over again in a random pattern.

Seizures can manifest as mild small sudden movements in one or two parts of your body. However, in more severe cases, people often fall as their entire bodies suddenly start having spasms and uncontrollable shaking. And sometimes excessive sweating, along with sudden bowel or pee discharge, can also happen, which can also lead to the person blacking out in the process.

Although there are still numerous epilepsy cases where doctors have no clue as to its cause, the most common of which are often due to genetics, malformed brain structures, or brain tumours. Other causal factors also include severe injury or trauma in the head, a terrible stroke, lack of oxygen in the brain, and even a severe infection.

What is Epidyolex, and how does it work?

Cannabis, or more commonly known as marijuana, has been attested to treat several medical conditions, including epilepsy, if used correctly and in the right dosage. The active substances cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in medical cannabis plants have produced wonders in the world of medicine.

And one of its forerunning products is the drug Epidyolexy which, according to studies, is a miracle worker against Lennox-Gaustat syndrome and Dravet syndrome, both of which are a type of epilepsy disease. Containing a pure form of CBD, Epidyolexy effectively decreased epilepsy seizure symptoms by toning down the overexcited neurons that cause the sudden electric shocks in the brain (Gray and Whalley, 2020). Just think of it this way, the cannabis-based medicine acts like a fire extinguisher balm soothing the crazed neurons from wreaking havoc.

Of course, the very name of marijuana still carries a heavy stigma; however, thanks to its medicinal properties, this wonder plant is slowly changing the game when it comes to battling epilepsy. However, the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) still urges to exercise some caution when it comes to the usage of Epidyolex as it still requires further research since its future effects are always at best unknown.