What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. It is the abnormal surge of electrical impulses produced by the brain’s neurons. This abnormal brain event prompts a seizure attack (the main symptom of epilepsy). A seizure attack is characterized by a series of involuntary muscle twitching (especially in the legs and arms). Sometimes, it can be associated with loss of consciousness, altered mood, and more.

To be possibly diagnosed with epilepsy, a patient should experience at least two unprovoked seizures. Not all seizures are due to epilepsy. Some seizures can be caused by a head injury, head trauma, or a stroke attack.

Epilepsy knows no ethnical background, race, gender, and economic status. It can happen to almost anyone, but recently, the number of children getting this disease is increasing.

The treatment for epilepsy varies in terms of severity. Some epileptic patients are treated through medication and sometimes through surgery. Other patients would need maintenance medication for their whole life, while some only need it for a certain period.

Why Is It Dangerous to Not Treat Epilepsy the Soonest?

Some types of epilepsy need to be treated immediately like epilepsy called refractory convulsive status epilepticus or RCSE. This is because RCSE, when left untreated for a long time, can lead to death. Not to spook you or anything, but the mortality rate of RCSE is pretty high. RCSE can also lead to other complications like hypertension.

A person with suspicious signs of epilepsy should strongly consider getting immediate treatment. Aside from possible death, what are the reasons that strongly suggest an early epilepsy treatment?

Getting early treatment means a higher chance of getting cured.

Getting early treatment can prevent unwanted complications.

Getting early treatment lowers the level of difficulty of actually healing the disease.

How Can CBD Oil Help in Treating Epilepsy?

CBD oil focuses more on calming the main symptom of epilepsy, which is a seizure. A series of studies tell us that CBD is an anticonvulsant (Devinsky, et al., 2016). An anticonvulsant can reduce the frequency of seizure attacks and the intensity of the attacks.

Aside from CBD’s calming effect on seizure, it also prevents the further damage of our brain’s neurons. Neurons are the receptors of the brain, which transmit electrical signals (the communicating aspect of the brain) — the greater the damage of neurons, the greater the chance of a seizure attack.

A series of studies that date back in 1975 and 1980 demonstrates the huge potential of CBD oil in treating epilepsy. A study made in the year 1975 features a 24-year old man with epilepsy that deliberately treated his epilepsy with marijuana (N.A., 2015). The study made in 1980 showed incredible results of patients getting treated with CBD oil (J.M., C. et al., N.D.). Mind you, and these patients have varying spectrums of epilepsy. The side effects of the patients from CBD oil was recorded as zero to tolerable.

Final Thought

These findings just show how CBD oil is a huge beacon of hope for people with epilepsy. It’s time for you to try it and see for yourself the difference.


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