There are myths and facts about medical marijuana that people should be educated about. It’s important to identify the false notions and truthful information about medical marijuana (CBD oil) as adhering to false information can be dangerous.

To be able to make better decisions about your condition, be well-informed about medical marijuana.

Myth: There is no variety in medical marijuana

Fact: There is a variety of medical marijuana available.

There are pharmaceutical type of medical marijuana and those that are privately sold.

The pharmaceutical-grade CBD type is processed correctly and safely under strict regulations. However, there are other medical marijuana products that aren’t done correctly. Some are even illegally sold.

It is strongly recommended to only purchase medical marijuana products in countries that regulate their production. If you risk buying illegally, you put yourself in danger of acquiring contaminated products. Medical marijuana is not supposed to make you high, but if it does, it could be because of the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.


Myth: Medical marijuana is safer than AEDs.

Fact: There is no absolute certainty that medical marijuana is safer than the current anti-epileptic drugs.

Like AEDs, medical marijuana can still render side effects like drowsiness, tiredness, and more. Medical marijuana can also relatively interact with some medications related to anxiety, blood thinners, and pain killers (Ries, 2019). Put in mind that AEDs are official drugs for epilepsy, while some form of medical marijuana isn’t officially recognized yet.


Myth: Medical marijuana heals epilepsy more effectively than AEDs

Fact: Medical marijuana and AEDs can both be an effective treatment for epilepsy.

The only catch is, it is more likely that patients will develop treatment-resistant conditions to AEDs than medical marijuana.


Myth: Medical marijuana can be purchased anywhere

Fact: Medical marijuana can’t be easily purchased in any country.

If medical marijuana is sold in a country that has no laws or provisions about it, chances are, these are not safe products. Purchase medical marijuana products in countries that openly allows CBD production. These countries, for example, the United Kingdom, has certain laws and provisions that guide producers in manufacturing medical marijuana.


Myth: Medical marijuana is the only alternative treatment for epilepsy.

Fact: There are many alternatives to treating epilepsy, not just medical marijuana.

For example, if a certain AED treatment doesn’t work on a person, the doctor would find another type of AED that could work (Epilepsy society staff writer, N.D). Beyond drug treatment and medical marijuana, there are many alternatives to choose from, like engaging in a keto diet, undergoing surgery, or the use of Vagus nerve stimulation or VNS.

Final Thoughts

To know more about medical marijuana and its effects on your condition, talk with your doctor today. He or she knows what’s the best option for your condition.

There are varying opinions and speculations about medical marijuana and epilepsy. Let’s step ahead from these false accusations and manage our condition well by being wise researchers. Let’s use CBD oil safely!



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