The usage of medical cannabis is a topic of hot debate in the world. Some conservative countries entirely ban the usage of cannabis, regardless of whether it’s used for medicinal or recreational purposes. However, times call for changes in people’s views.

Some epileptic patients have a medical condition that prevents their current medication from working effectively. These circumstances can either be because they’ve developed a resistance to the medications or their body simply doesn’t warrant the absolute absorption of the drugs. Because of these circumstances, it only fits for the medical world to provide alternative medicine to address this growing problem.

Studies about the huge potential of cannabis for epileptic treatment are so massive that, in fact, some countries open up the possibility of using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

What is Cannabis or Marijuana?

Cannabis and Marijuana can be interchangeably used. In the medical world, though, medicinal cannabis is the most used term. There is a particular compound found in cannabis, which makes it a superstar in the medical world. This compound is called cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol, unlike its sister compound, which is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), doesn’t give you that high feeling. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, has a lot of medicinal benefits.

Lately, cannabidiol is pegged to be an alternative drug for epilepsy (Moawad, 2019). This is in response to the growing number of medicinal resistant epileptic patients. Studies back up its seizure-treatment potential, and even FDA or the Food Drug Administration approved its low-dose medicinal form in the United States of America (Fox, 2018).

Cannabidiol’s popular form is cannabidiol oil or more popularly known as CBD oil. It’s the most concentrated form of cannabidiol.

Should A Person Resort to CBD Oil If There’s No Other Medicinal Option That Worked with His or Her Condition?

When a current medication for epilepsy does not work already, it only fits that a person is provided with the necessary alternative medicine for his or her condition. With that being said, it is only humane to offer cannabis medication to a person that doesn’t have any medical option for his condition.

Some epileptic patients have developed a tolerance to the current medication of epilepsy. To give these patients comfort from their condition, some states vowed to adjust their policies for cannabis medication. This adjustment will open up medicinal cannabis for public usage. In the US, they call this bill the “compassionate access” move (Senate of the United States, 2015).

Once allowed, though, it is advised that the patient should work closely with his or her physician with regards to cannabis usage.

Final Thought

More and more countries are now opening up to the idea of CBD oil usage. Some patients are even going the extra mile of migrating to other countries just to receive proper CBD oil treatment. It is our fervent hope that other countries see some sense into allowing medicinal cannabis. After all, what matters most than health, right? Try CBD oil today and feel the difference.