In a story published in Greenlight Approve, a miracle happened to this little girl named Charlotte, who’ve battled with epilepsy for years (Greenlight Approved Staff Writer, N.D). With the help of Cannabis oil (CBD oil), she overcame seizures and eventually epilepsy.

The Story of Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi is a 5-year old girl who suffered from epilepsy. Her seizures were intense and frequent. Her seizures were so intense that it’ll last longer than 30 minutes. She would get so much seizure that in a week, she’ll get hundreds of seizure episodes.

She nearly lost all her motor skills and even had a near-death encounter because of her condition. She had trouble sleeping, speaking, and more. Even the most basic motor skill of walking is hard for her.

Another desperate thing about her condition is that there seems to be no cure about it. No prescribed medicine completely worked with her condition. When her family was just about to lose all hope, they stumbled upon CBD oil.

They tried CBD oil in hopes of at least alleviating the effects of the seizure. And they might’ve just stumbled upon a gold mine as CBD oil proved to be potent on their daughter’s condition.

Charlotte Figi Found Refuge in CBD Oil

CBD oil is a hemp-derived mixture that mostly has a cannabidiol compound. This mixture was administered to Charlotte. She received drops of CBD oil twice a day. They would usually put the drops on her food.

From several seizures a week, Charlotte’s seizure frequency reduced to only two to three months in a month.

In her 6th year, she was still continuing her homemade medication of CBD oil. She regained her motor skills completely in the sixth year. She was able to talk normally and even ride her bicycle.

Charlotte’s miracle gained a lot of media attention, which shed limelight on CBD oil as an alternative medicine for epilepsy. The attention paved the way for more research and clinical trials for CBD oil.

Studies About CBD Oil

There was one fascinating study published in the New England Journal of Medicine about the effect of CBD oil on human specimens. The study’s data shows that the subjects who have been administered with CBD oil experienced lesser seizure frequency of about 50 percent (Friedman, Et al., 2015).

In another study published in the same medical journal, CBD oil helped reduce the frequency of seizures amongst children and adults with different spectrums of epilepsy.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration from the United States approved the public consumption of a low dose type of cannabis medicine. Its pharmaceutical name is Epidiolex. Epiodiolex can’t be abused as there is no compound there to render a psychoactive effect or high feeling.

Final Thought

Charlotte Figi is just one of the many epileptic patients who has been given a chance for a new normal life through CBD oil. CBD oil has been proven again and again as a potent alternative for epilepsy. It’s time to experience the healing power of the CBD oil.


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